Article in the Brazilian ‘Jornal da UNICAMP’

SCROLL DOWN FOR AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION   Bionegócio e bionergia: superando as fronteiras entre setores da economia JOSÉ MARIA F. J. DA SILVEIRA No último dia 15, o Instituto de Economia da Unicamp promoveu o seminário Bioenergia: “Alternativas e Avaliação de Impactos no Brasil e nos EUA”. O Seminário foi organizado para receber os professores… Continue reading Article in the Brazilian ‘Jornal da UNICAMP’

To Brazil and Back

[nggallery id=2] I had a great 9 days in Brazil and was too busy to write. Here is a little summary of what we did and I will write another entry on what we have learned. I went to Brazil with Prof. Madhu Khanna in order to learn the truth about the biofuel sector in… Continue reading To Brazil and Back

AgBiotech and Climate Change There is a growing concern about climate change and much of the worry pertains to the implications of climate change for food and agriculture. There is emerging evidence that increased heat beyond a certain threshold is likely to reduce yields and that climate change will require adaptation and change in land use patterns across… Continue reading AgBiotech and Climate Change

We did well at the Annual AAEA Meeting in Pittsburgh

[nggallery id=9] I returned from Pittsburgh where we had the annual meeting of the AAEA (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association). I had never been to Pittsburgh before; the city is not so exciting but it is efficient and pleasant and the highlight of the city are the three rivers. There were some impressive bridges and… Continue reading We did well at the Annual AAEA Meeting in Pittsburgh

EBI: Now more important than ever

In 2008, after a competitive bidding process, UC Berkeley, LBNL and University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign started a ten-year research partnership with BP called the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI). The goal in creating the EBI was to establish a research program where modern tools of biology are applied to generate new and improved fuels. I contributed to… Continue reading EBI: Now more important than ever

Biotech and the “Greening” of Agriculture

During 2009 I was a member of a National Resource Council (NRC) committee assessing the impact of genetically engineered (GE) crops in US agriculture. When I joined the committee I thought that the main finding will be those of economists, like myself, who realize that GE crops did a lot of good by increasing yields… Continue reading Biotech and the “Greening” of Agriculture

Educating global leaders for sustainability at Berkeley

In the beginning of May 2010, the MacArthur Foundation announced that UC Berkeley will receive a grant to establish a Master’s in Development Practice (MDP), or as it was referred to, a Master’s in Sustainability Studies. This grant is both a wish come true and the beginning of a new challenge. I appreciate development. I… Continue reading Educating global leaders for sustainability at Berkeley