The Fenigstein Effect

Every year during graduation season, I encounter many students who are nervous about the job market. Surprisingly, many worry not only about their technical qualifications, but that they don’t look the part. Some of these students probably listen to the media and studies that have found that good-looking men are considered more competent and good-looking… Continue reading The Fenigstein Effect

Dining in Slovakia – and thinking about food security

I arrived in Bratislava to participate in a workshop for FoodSecure, a EU project on food and nutritional security in the developing world. Bratislava is the capital of the young republic of Slovakia. It is only 60 kilometers from Vienna, and has a rich and turbulent history of its own. It was a border town… Continue reading Dining in Slovakia – and thinking about food security

Back from Europe…

As some of you may know, every summer during the past few years I have participated in the Bioeconomy Conference in Italy, which is generally held in Ravello. This year, I added Prague and Vienna to the annual Bio economy event, and it was worth it (even though I feel guilty missing the early days… Continue reading Back from Europe…

To Brazil and Back

[nggallery id=2] I had a great 9 days in Brazil and was too busy to write. Here is a little summary of what we did and I will write another entry on what we have learned. I went to Brazil with Prof. Madhu Khanna in order to learn the truth about the biofuel sector in… Continue reading To Brazil and Back

We did well at the Annual AAEA Meeting in Pittsburgh

[nggallery id=9] I returned from Pittsburgh where we had the annual meeting of the AAEA (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association). I had never been to Pittsburgh before; the city is not so exciting but it is efficient and pleasant and the highlight of the city are the three rivers. There were some impressive bridges and… Continue reading We did well at the Annual AAEA Meeting in Pittsburgh