Dissertation Committees

Margriet F. Caswell, “The Diffusion of Low-Volume Irrigation Technology in California Agriculture,” 1983 (Chairman of Committee).

Jeffrey T. La France, “The Economics of Nutrient Content and Consumer Demand for Food,” 1983 (Chairman of Committee).Best Dissertation Award, American Agricultural Economics Association.

Robert N. Collender, “Optimal Land Allocation Under Uncertainty: A Generalized Portfolio Approach,” 1984 (Chairman of Committee).

Claudia A. (Dodge) Parliament, “Utility Maximizing and Game Laying Behavior in Agricultural Production Cooperatives: Theory and Applications,” 1984 (Member of Committee).

J. Edward Taylor, “Migration and Village Development: The Interaction Between Mexico-U. S. Migration and Socioeconomic Change in Rural Mexico,” 1984 (Member of Committee).Best Dissertation Award, American Agricultural Economics Association

Kenneth Bogen, “Uncertainty in Health Risk Estimation,” 1986 (Outside Member, School of Public Health).

Harry de Gorter, “Agricultural Policies,” 1986 (Member of Committee).

Robert Innes, “Agricultural Policy Analysis in Economics with Incomplete Markets,” 1986 (Member of Committee).Best Dissertation Award, American Agricultural Economics Association.

Tarek Moursi, “Government Intervention and the Impact of Agriculture: The Case of Egypt,” 1986 (Chairman of Committee).

Carolyn Harper, “Optimal Regulation of Agricultural Pesticides: A Case Study of Chlordimeform in the Imperial Valley,” 1987 (Chairman of Committee).

John Beghin, “A Game Theoretical Model of Agricultural and Food Price Policies in Senegal,” 1988 (Member of Committee).

Linda Calvin, “Distributional Consequences of Agricultural Commodity Policy,” 1988(Chairman of Committee).

Gloria Helfand, “Standards Versus Standards:The Incentive and Efficiency Effects of Pollution Control Restriction,” 1988 (Member of Committee).

Daniel Putler, “Reference Price Theory:A Behavioral Analysis of Consumer Reference to Price Changes,” 1988 (Chairman of Committee).

Gail Simpson, “A Case Study in Applied Econometrics:Statistical Identification of Cheaters,” 1988 (Chairman of Committee).

Ziv Bar-Shira, “Behavior Under Uncertainty:The Decision Criterion, the Attitude Toward Risk, and the Choice of Labor Supply,” 1989 (Chairman of Committee).

George Frisvold, “Transactions Costs, Labor Contracts, and Labor Productivity in Rural South India,” 1989 (Member of Committee).

Israel Finkelshtain, “Aversion to Income Risk in the Presence of Other Risks:Theory and Applications,” 1989 (Member of Committee).

Douglas Parker, “The Economics of Marketing Agricultural Product Quality,” 1990 (Chairman of Committee).Honorable Mention, Best Dissertation Award, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Farhed Ali Shah, “Technological Change, Economic Growth, and Exhaustible Resources,” 1990 (Chairman of Committee).

Timothy Howell Brown, “The Effects of Consumer Demand on Pesticide Regulation in the Market for Apples,” 1991 (Member of Committee).

Teruo Taniguchi, “An Economic Analysis of Naturally Grown Rice in Japan,” 1991 (Chairman of Committee).

Gary Casterline, “The Economics of Discrete Changes to the Technological Environment,” 1992 (Chairman of Committee).

David E. Buschena, “The Effects of Alternative Similarity on Choice Under Risk:Toward a Plausible Explanation of Independence Violations of the Expected Utility Model,” 1992 (Chairman of Committee).

Hai-Yen Sung, “Perception of Health Risk and the Demand for Cigarette Consumption,” 1993 (Chairman of Committee).

Susan Gabbard, “Farm Workers’ Labor Supply Decisions,” 1993 (Member of Committee).

Gregory Adams, “Three’s a Crowd:Multilateral Game Theoretical Analysis of Environmental Policy,” 1994 (Member of Committee).

Madhu Khanna, “Technology Adoption and the Abatement of Greenhouse Gases:The Thermal Power Sector in India,” 1995 (Chairman of Committee).

Gary Green, “Technology Adoption and Water Management in Irrigated Agriculture,” 1995 (Chairman of Committee).

Nobuhiko Fuwa, “Social Stratification and Mobility in a Philippine Village, 1962-1994,” 1995 (Member of Committee).

Bruce McWilliams, “Essays on Learning and Technology Adoption,” 1995 (Chairman of Committee).

Seung Jick Yoo, “Essays on Environmental Economics,” 1995 (Chairman of Committee).

Stephen F. Hamilton, “Product Quality and Environmental Health Issues in Agricultural Production,” 1996 (Chairman of Committee).

Loretta M. Lynch, “Agricultural Trade and Environmental Concerns:Three Essays Exploring Pest Control, Regulations, and Environmental Issues,” 1996 (Chairman of Committee).

Linda Fernandez, “Managing Environmental Quality:Three Essays in Applied Environmental Economics,” 1996 (Member of Committee).

Calogero Carletto, “Non-Traditional Agro-Exports among Smallholders in Guatemala,” 1996 (Member of Committee).

Cheryl Brown, “Three Essays on Issues of Agricultural Sustainability,” 1997 (Chairman of Committee).

Sabrina Isé, “The Use of Voluntary Conservation Programs for the Preservation of Agriculture and the Environment at the Urban Fringe,” 1997 (Chairman of Committee).

Jinhua Zhao, “Essays on Natural Resource Development, International Trade, and the Environment,” 1997 (Chairman of Committee).

Christopher Dumas, “Cross-Media Pollution and a Common Agency,” 1997 (Member of Committee).

Tracy Hart, “Spatially Efficient Management of a Sea Water Intruded Aquifer,” 1997 (Chairman of Committee).

Daniel Cohen-Vogel, “Essays on Information and Variability: Theoretical Contributions and Applications to Precision Agricultural Innovations and Middle East Development,” 1998 (Chairman of Committee).

Richard McCann, “California’s Evolving Water Management Institutions: Markets and Agricultural Water Districts,” 1998 (Member of Committee).

Katrin Millock, “Monitoring and Enforcement under Incomplete Information: Essays on Nonpoint Source Pollution,” 1998 (Member of Committee).

Janis Olmstead, “Emerging Markets in Water: Investments in Institutional and Technological Change,” 1998 (Chairman of Committee).

Arthur Small, “The Market for Genetic Resources: The Role of R&D in the Valuation and Conservation of Biological Intellectual Capital,” 1998 (Member of Committee).

Cherisa Yarkin, “Challenges and Opportunities: Pesticides, Regulation and Innovation,” 1998 (Chairman of Committee).

Joshua Zivin, “The Economic and Health Effects of Environmental Policy,” 1998 (Chairman of Committee).

Leslie Lipper, “The Logic of Swidden:Poverty and Environmental Determinants of Household Farming System Choice,” 1999 (Chairman of Committee).

Neal MacDougall, “The Tradeoff between Ecosystem Services and Location of Production: The Case of Shrimp Aquaculture in Ecuadorian Mangrove Ecosystem,” 1999 (Chairman of Committee).

Daniel Osgood, “Information, Precision, and Waste,” 1999 (Chairman of Committee).

Grazyna Michalska, “Interdependencies of Academic and Industry:Policies for the Future of Agrobiotechnology,” 2000 (Member of Committee).

Zhihua Shen, “Essays of Empirical Studies in Agricultural and Resource Economics,” 2000 (Member of Committee).

Federico Castillo, “Managing Information and Technology Transfer in Natural Resources,” 2001 (Member of Committee).

Ming Chen, “Development and the Environment,” 2001 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Petra J. G. J. Hellegers, “Groundwater Management for Agriculture and Nature:An Economic Analysis,” Wageningen University, 2001 (Member of Committee).

David Just, “Learning and Information,” 2001 (Chair of Committee).

Georgina Moreno, “Water Supply Reliability and Adoption of Conservation Technology,” 2001 (Chair of Committee).

Eran Binenbaum, “Tensions in Nonprofit Research,” 2002 (Member of Committee).

Nicholas Brozovic, “Optimal Regulation under Heterogeneity,” 2002 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Gregory Graff, “Generating and Trading Biological Innovations in Agriculture,” 2002 (Chair of Committee).

Xuemei Liu, “Economic Essays on Global Climate Change,” 2002 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Yurie Tanimichi, “Essays on the Economic Analysis of Transboundry Air Pollution,” 2002 (Member of Committee).

Renos Vakis, “The Impact of Market Failures on Household Behavior: Explaining Labor Market Segmentation, Technology Adoption Patterns and Transaction Costs in Rural Peru,” 2002 (Member of Committee).

Sean Cash, “Essays on the Economics of Protecting Health and the Environment,” 2003 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Deanna Gordon, “Essays on the Effects of Adult Mortality on Education and Food Security,” 2003 (Chair of Committee).

Asa Sajise, “Tree Planting Decisions under Conditions of Irreversibility and Imperfect Labor Markets,” 2003 (Chair of Committee).

Angels Xabadia, “Optimization and Dynamic Control:Application to Economics,” University of Girona, 2003 (Member of Committee).

Yanhong Jin, “The Economics of a Money-back Guarantee in Retailing,” 2004 (Chair of Committee).

Jennifer Alix-Garcia, “A Tale of Two Communities and Other Deforestation Stories,” 2005 (Member of Committee).

Diemuth E. Pemsl, “Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology in Crop Protection in Developing Countries,” University of Hannover, 2005 (Member of Committee).

Karina Schoengold, “Natural Resource Pricing, Allocation, and Capital Investment,” 2005 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Aaron Swoboda, “Essays on Land-Use Regulation and the Urban Economy” 2005 (Member of Committee).

Michelle McGregor, “The Economics of Environmental Permitting,” 2005 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Jayashree Sil, “Risk in U. S. Agriculture:Insurance, Forward Contracts, Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard,” 2005 (Co-Chair of Committee).

Sara Boettiger, “Weak Patents, Open Source Patenting, and Implications for the Bayh-Dole Act in Developing Countries,” 2006 (Member of Committee).

Christopher Busch, “Deforestation in the Southern Yucatan: Recent Trends, Their Causes, and Policy Implications,” 2006 (Member of Committee).

Hendrik Wolff, “Testing Simulation and Structural Models with Applications to Energy Demand,” 2007 (Member of Committee).

Miriam Bixby, “Optimal Carbon Policy,” 2008 (University of British Columbia, External Member of Committee).

Deepak Rajagopal, “Economics of Lifecycle Analysis and Greenhouse Gas Regulations,” 2009 (Chair of Committee).