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Agriculture as Economic Development

My Annual Review – 2017 Edition

My Annual Review – 2016 Edition

My Annual Review – 2015 Edition

My Annual Review – 2014 Edition

My Annual Review – 2013 Edition

Back from Europe…

My Chicago “Resurrection” Experience

To Brazil and Back

Annual Review – 2010 Edition

Travel to Norway and Ravello

Season Ticket Holder of the Game

Costa Rica – March 2009

Friends and Role Models:

Irma Adelman (1930-2017): A leading economist and outstanding Berkeley faculty member

Ken Arrow – A Great economic theorist, but an even Greater humanist

The retirement of Angie Erickson- an end of an era

Remembering Yair Mundlak, scholar and leader

Uri Regev: an unsung hero of resource economics

Bob Evenson: An economist with heart

Tom Graff: A practical environmental visionary

Remembering Yair Mundlak, scholar and leader

Economics, Finance and Others:

Self-interest, the denial of climate change, and resistance to agricultural biotechnology

New players and new tools in the bio-economy

Is ‘Food Evolution’ propaganda? No! Just an accessible presentation of a tough topic

Do your homework before you apply FOIA

The innovations behind the new food revolutions

Join us for learning, networking and fun – and sustain the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program

Implementing change in Berkeley

Re-energizing UC Berkeley

Monsanto RIP

From slow food to fast food nations: The naturalist perspective on food

Extending Berkeley’s reach

Agricultural economics as behavioral economics

Why agricultural biotech hasn’t reached its potential

Having fun while doing good: 20 years of bioeconomy conferences in Ravello

The power of supply chains in implementing innovations

Witness to the history of agricultural and resource economics at Berkeley

Reorganizing Berkeley (with emphasis on CNR)

Training environmental leaders in Nepal, Sandee style

Searching for coexistence of GMO and organics in Amsterdam

Beeronomics: I’ll drink to that

What is CNR (College of Natural Resources)?

Smart adaptation to climate change in agriculture: A recipe from Milan

On the origins of the Beahrs ELP

Ravello: Experiencing and contemplating bioeconomy

The Fenigstein Effect

Dining in Slovakia – and thinking about food security

Keystone Pipeline and the Carbon Tax: A shotgun marriage that can work

Is 2015 the year for a carbon tax?

Were you paid by Monsanto?

On the Accomplishments of our Environmental Leaders

Economics in the land of lakes, caves, and castles

God helps those who help themselves

Should the poor pay for the anxieties of the rich?

On life economics and the environment in China

Addis, Lucy and food security

On life and cocoa in the Ivory Coast

Nurturing environmental leaders: The Beahrs ELP

In praise of this year’s World Food Prize Laureates

On the challenge of consensus

Guns, germs, and steel…and economics

Is ‘sustainable’ attainable?

Lessons from Prop 37 and the future of genetic engineering in agriculture

Mandatory versus voluntary labeling: The case of Prop 37

‘Vision’ for development practice education

The bioeconomy dilemma

The GMO labeling debate continued: It’s about the ‘benchmark’

Why labeling of GMOs is actually bad for people and the environment

The Logic and Consequences of Labeling Genetically Modified Organisms

Hooray for Sustainable Development

Article in the Brazilian ‘Jornal da UNICAMP’

The role of biofuels in the energy future: Lessons from Brazil

AgBiotech and Climate Change

Help reduce fossil fuel addiction by blocking Proposition 23

EBI: Now more important than ever

Biotech and the “Greening” of Agriculture

Educating global leaders for sustainability at Berkeley

Everything you ever wanted to know about the economics of biofuel?

The New Nobels: Small Steps Toward Integrated Social Science

Conference: Biotechnology in Developing Countries

Irrigation Production Functions with Water-Capital Substitution



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