Recent Publications


The Impact of Agricultural Biotechnology on Supply and Land-use: Barrows, Sexton, Zilberman

The Economic Power of the Golden Rice Opposition: Wesseler, Zilberman

Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops: Barrows, Sexton, Zilberman

Energy intensity, life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions, and economic assessment of liquid biofuel pipelines: Strogen, Arpad Horvath, David Zilberman

On the political economy of allocation of agricultural disaster relief payments: application to Taiwan: Chang, Zilberman

Time–frequency dynamics of biofuel–fuel–food system: Vacha, Janda, Kristoufek, Zilberman

Technology and the Future Bioeconomy: Zilberman, Kim, Kirschner, Kaplan, Reeves

Agricultural Biotechnology: Economics, Environment, Ethics, and the Future: Bennett, Chi-Ham, Barrows, Sexton, Zilberman

Environmental Policy with Collective Waste Disposal: Hamilton, Sproul, Sunding, Zilberman

On Market-Mediated Emissions and Regulations on Life Cycle Emissions: Rajagopal, Zilberman

On the Indirect Effect of Biofuel: Zilberman, Barrows, Hochman, Rajagopal

Biofuel-related price transmission literature: A review: Serra, Zilberman

Transgenic crops, production risk, and agrobiodiversity: Vijesh, Qaim, Zilberman

Technology adoption and land use: Zilberman, Khanna, Kaplan, Kim

The economics of sustainable development: Zilberman

Quantifying the causes of the global food commodity price crisis: Hochman, Rajagopal,  Timilsina, Zilberman


Water, the Environment and California’s Agriculture: Zilberman (presented at AAEA Conference)

Economic Instruments for the Conservation and Payment of Environmental Services: Zilberman

The Political Economy of Biotechnology and its Implication: Zilberman, Graff (presented at Ravello)

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